We’re Here and We’re Taking on the World

Hi There!

My Friend S and I Have Decided to Blog about our experiences, whether it be about coffee shops, movies, TV Shows, basically anything worth talking about is going to be written about right here, right now (well not NOW but eventually).

To Clarify This will be a weekly blog, we may post on a bi-weekly basis, basically, there isn’t a schedule, so if you want to follow our blog GREAT if not I think you can still follow us via RSS feed MEANING you get an email when we post, which again may not be as often as we hope but we lead busy lives people! DEAL WITH IT!

Anyways We’re here and we MAY or may not have a specific twitter for this but whatever FOLLOW US FOR MORE INFO AND RAMBLINGS.

And for any questions, queries and possibly updates follow us on twitter Im H @Tink1pro and S is @Sarasj_ .


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