For the Love of Coffee!: A Review

Great coffee is hard to find these days with coffee chains ruling the coffee scene, but with one cup of this you’ll be singing the song of great coffee yes, my friends I have found a great cup you can make at home (with a help of a french press which is my preferred coffee method)!

I’m talking about this bad boy I picked up from my local Marks & Spencer.

Makes a great morning cuppa
Photo Courtesy of my little sister J .

It makes a great cup in the morning because it is light, it has a very neutral taste, it’s got a great smell (I mean really it doesn’t in any way smell like burnt wood, which is what lot’s of coffee chain coffees smell like), and it is also really delicious!

Ok so a lot of people (myself included) have drank a horrible cup of coffee just to wake up, but why torture ourselves when we can have a nice (did i say nice? I mean awesome!) cup of the stuff right there on the table in front of you, it’s what lots of people look forward to in the morning so why disappoint yourself with an awful cup and treat yourself to this lovely cup in the morning.

In other words, if you are in any way thinking about getting yourself some coffee for your morning cup and whether you’re a avid coffee drinker or a first timer, I recommend this because it’s one that doesn’t just appeal to one kind of coffee drinker but all kinds of coffee drinkers.

For the record we are not sponsored by any body and the views of this blog are of S and I (I’m H) only.




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