To espresso or not espresso?

We went on an espresso tasting run and this is what we found out: we don’t like espressos but please read the below perfectly detailed review/ encounter of the different coffee places we tried

Tim Horton’s (regular espresso)


H: Ok this is bad… How in the world do people drink this?!

S: *thought* no…no

Recommended for people who have either never tried good coffee, don’t know what good coffee is and who possibly also drink Starbucks.

Paul (single shot espresso*)

H: Not as bad as Tim Horton’s, actually good for an espresso… But I don’t like espressos.

S: it wasn’t bad… Actually finished it.

Recommended for people who love coffee and actually like espressos or as I call them “concentrated coffee”.

Argo Tea (regular espresso**) Argo's Espresso

H: Kinda sour… Not bad but not for me.

S: weird, yeah it’s got it’s own thing going on was alright !

Recommended for people who like coffee and don’t mind sour flavours and prefer organic.

*note we had no idea that there was a significant difference between single and double shot espresso.

** ORGANIC and he was the only helpful barista who actually explained what espressos are and the different kinds. Also he didn’t judge us (I’m looking at you Tim Horton’s) we felt very judged at Tim Horton’s.


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