Before we go the movie: A review 

Before we go is not a movie everyone will enjoy but is a movie everyone must watch. 

Before I continue I should note that I will try not to spoil the movie because many of you might not have watched it yet (I’m looking at you S). So here is your chance to see how I felt about it in bullet point form but I will not use bullet points I will use numbers (please bear with me). 

Here is how the movie made me feel (not in order):

  1. Confused
  2. Happy 
  3. A little ticked off
  4. Understanding
  5. Happy
  6. Annoyed
  7. More annoyed 
  9. SO Happy 😀
  10. Over joyed 
  11. And last but not least Sad (never SAD)

Now this is my short review:

This movie came as a shock to me because how have I not seen a movie with Chris Evans that according to IMDB was supposed to come out in 2014. But after I got over the shock I watched the movie and strangely got attached to it.

Now this movie isn’t action-filled, comedicly hilarious or in any way tear jerky and not THAT romantic (I’m looking at you iTunes) it should be labeled “Drama” but clearly someone based the genre on the review. 

Anyways this movie was sweet, heart warming and very subtle and you know what’s interesting about it? It was all set in one night so really not much of a time span. They don’t do a lot in the movie but there’s a lot of dialogue which is what makes this movie simplistic and have a very heartwarming story that oozes realism. 

In other words watch Before we go, it’s good for you. 

See we’re not just coffee bloggers.

– H


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