Cappuccino? more like Cappucci-NO!: Paris Coffee Log Part 1

If you’ve read S and I’s previous post about Espressos you’d know that I, H despise them, however I have recently found out that I in fact LOVE espressos when they are topped with whipped cream yes, ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Cafe Viennois *Applause* *cheering*


Whoever came up with this is some sort of genius because it is sweet and bitter and AMAZING, I say AMAZING in all caps because Cafe de Flore’s cafe viennois (espresso with whipped cream) deserves an award winning prize for this simply amazing treat and why not give it a round of applause because now espressos are not simply bearable but fantastically wonderful!

So if you’re going to Cafe de Flore and vow to order only ONE thing ORDER THIS.

This is Part 1 out of 3 although I did have more coffee these 3 are the only ones worth mentioning. Tomorrow or the day after will be Part 2 so stay tuned for more.

That is all, go on now get a ticket to paris and experience this magical adventure or just wait until you actually go… your choice.

– H


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