You can never have too much coffee! : Paris Coffee Log Part 2

Are you ready, readers? “Oui, capitaine!” Well let’s start off with Coffee, yes coffee and Spongebob Squarepants (I appoligise to both the English and French Spongebob Squarepants crew for this act but for the record I did watch Spongebob in Paris even if I didn’t understand it). 

Let’s move on, coffee in all it’s glory is best served with dessert! Yes a lovely sweet cake, raspberries or better yet… Both! 

Ok so before dessert I was hungry and got the Salmon eggs, toasts and sour cream and it was great! Of course my coffee craze got me a coffee (cafe noir des Deux Magots) with my “snack” and here is how it all looked. 

My mid day snack with coffee
and then after all that deliciousness was over and done for I decided on two desserts because you know WHY NOT!

Coffee número deux (aka coffee number 2) 

double desserts

I had a second cup of course and I had a cup of raspberries and a raspberry Millefeuille (which I HIGHLY reccomend) especially with coffee. 

Le Deux Magots cafe is one that is less than a block away from Cafe de Flore (from my previous post) and is also a must go authentic Parisian cafe. 

Stop yourself from going to a chain cafe (I will NOT name any names but you know YOU KNOW) and go to this place it’s in a category that all of these “chain cafés” are not even close to the quality, taste, atmosphere and… Everything about Les Deux Magots makes all the other cafés jealous!

Skip the chain resturants and go to Parisian cafés because you’re in Paris and Parisian cafés are worth your time! And no to-go cups please. 

Stay tuned for part 3 (final part) coming up either tomorrow or the day after. 

– H


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