One too many espressos… With whipped cream! : Paris Coffee Log 3 (the final Paris coffee log)  

Cafe viennois again… But this time it’s from Le Beaucour cafe. I also had a plate of fries but this was just a cafe we stumbled into because we were both tired and hungry (well I was). 
This place had a surprisingly delightful cafe viennois aka espresso with whipped cream except they had double the espressos and double the whipped cream! 
Before I explain here’s the photograph I took of it:

Sorry I couldn’t provide a photograph of the fries but they were gooood, especially with the mustard provided.  I highly reccomend it if you’re up for a bite.

Ok so here’s the low down on what’s exactly in the drink from bottom to top:

  1. a shot of espresso
  2. Another shot of espresso 
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Chocolate powder

There was way more coffee in this than in the one from Cafe de Flore (which was only one shot of espresso with a dollop of whipped cream). 

So out of the 3 places here is my ranking based on coffee and food:

  1. Cafe de Flore
  2. Le Deux Magots
  3. Le Beaucour 

Thank you for reading and having this adventure with me and both S and I hope to hear from you guys about which one you liked more if you’ve ever tried them or which one you’d like to try if and when you go to Paris. 

– H


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