Ice Tea for Two…with cake!

The heat is upon me… Hot coffee is not an option in 30 or more degree (celcius) weather in Zürich my friends but Sprungli’s ice tea is a life saver *takes a sip* that’s the stuff for true heat relief my friends.

So here’s the ice tea:


The glass was filled when I drank it
So anyways I highly reccomend the ice tea (just say ice tea and they’ll get you the house blend aka the only kind they’ve got) it’s great and fruity but not syrupy. It’s a true delight. 

I also had cake:


Sorry about the missing bit but my pet dinosaur really wanted a bite

Yeah that was good. It’s called “Himbeer Patisserie” don’t worry there isn’t any beer in it but Himbeer is German for raspberry (fun fact: Erdbeer is German for strawberry). 

It’s light, easy and goes great with ice tea. 

That’s my Zurich cafe adventure but that’s the end of my trip as far as it goes.

Auf Wiedersehen 

– H


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