Old time TV review: I Dream of Jeannie

The Old time TV review segment will happen on a monthly basis and will discuss/review an old TV show. This week the TV show is I Dream of Jeannie.

I dream of Jeannie is a TV show that ran from… Oh come-on you guys know how to look stuff up!

Ok so it is a show staring Barbra Eden as Jeannie, who is Major Tony (Anthony) Nelson’s genie whom he found on the beach when his space shuttle crashed.

This has got to be my ALL TIME favourite series because it’s got it all, comedy, magic and drama… Well a bit but it’s almost always resolved in the end. 

My favourite episode is called “Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks” Pipchicks refers to the Turkish Delight looking candy that genie gets from her mum, and has an effect on humans but not on genies…I will stop at that and not ruin it for you because if you want to just try it out look for this episode, it makes me laugh so hard! Like actually laugh aloud not “lol”. 

It’s not one of those shows that you have to start from episode one, but it’s nice to start from the first season because it gives you background info as to how Jeannie and Tony’s relationship develops throughout… Again no spoilers. 

So that is the end of what I like to call The Old Time TV Review segment.

Stay tuned for more posts coming next week.



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