“The Goonies”: Was it really a Childhood Staple?

How I see it is a little like The Little Rascals meets Ferris Bueller’s Day Off kindof but not really… Let me explain. This was the first time that I had ever actually seen The Goonies *pause for gasp* despite being a HUGE Steven Spielberg fan  and watcher of many films (many of them being children’s films because people feel the undeniable urge to add swear words everywhere… WHY IS THAT SO NECESSARY?!) anyways I never really had the chance to watch it… until tonight that is. I got it on DVD and watched it with S, I also took the Buzzfeed Quiz “Which ‘The Goonies’ character are you?” I took it twice and got “Chunk” not sure why I feel like I’m more of a Mikey (well S told me I was more of a Mikey)…but ok moving on to the review.

For a first time watcher… I really liked it. Why don’t people make films like these anymore? It’s appropriate for kids, grown-ups, everybody, because it’s got something for everyone… and I mean everyone!

I really liked it, no wait… I LOVE this movie. It’s adorable in so many ways, it’s satisfying because the jerk gets his just desserts (why do the 80’s movie jerks always have to be varsity jacket wearing jocks? seriously you’re giving varsity jackets a bad name!… and jocks too), the kids get their moment in the spotlight… and the good guys win really I mean how much better could this be… if they had a pirate ship NO WAIT THEY HAD THAT. This movie completes the package.

Who would I recommend this too? Everybody, especially people who have big dreams but don’t know how to go about fulfilling them.

This shoutout is for all the people who like me have just recently seen this for the first time, or have never seen it… get to watchin! Yeah you heard me go watch this, you really are never too old to watch The Goonies!

And now I finally understand “Goonies never say die!”

– H


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