Hotel Transylvania 2: The little baby, the not-so-scary vampa and the best ending to any movie

I normally don’t like sequels…this one was THE best sequel in the history of sequels and I love Zenon and Zenon the Zequel but no THIS defines sequels because it doesn’t lessen the quality of the first movie but extends it…it’s like watching another first movie…not a sequel even though it is a sequel.

Anyways oh did I forget to mention HAPPY OCTOBER everybody! October is a time for movies that are halloween-themed but not so scary, books like Frankenstien, Dracula, Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The invisible Man, etc. It is also time for the movie adaptions of those books even the comedic ones like Hotel Transylvania…or Young Frankenstien, but I say stick with the classics but you of course have to mix in these comedies because you’ll be shuddering in your basement wondering what happened to the real world…anyways back to the Hotel Transylvania 2 review…

It was good, out of 5 stars I give it 6 stars because it wasn’t only good but made me forget that this was all just animated…that was fun. It was fun to watch, it was also very VERY funny. I mean who knew monsters could be nice (I knew…everybody should’ve known this THIS IS 2015 WHY ARE WE DISCRIMINATING?!).

It had so much heart, we all need things that have heart, it wasn’t the usual cartoon that’s for kids and teaches you lessons, it actually had stuff for everyone! Oh and if you haven’t already realized…it’s not scary, it’s not horror and there’s not biting someone’s head off (well not literally at least).

Bottom line, go see it now NOW! Go! Bring all your friends you’re whole family… grandparents included. This is a great movie for people of all ages ALL not just the kids, even if they were the only ones in the movie theatre…anyways go see it… and even if you’re older than 15 but don’t have anyone younger to take go alone! Really you don’t need a younger person to take to this movie…really you don’t! But you’ll probably have to suffer through those Kiddy movies ads (and I mean STUPID kiddy movies not Pixar movies… although I did see the Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur teaser trailer so that was cool!)



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