The Wolfman (1941)

I’m reviewing this partly because it’s the month and week of Halloween and partly because S hasn’t seen it yet. Hope you all had a good October 21, 2015 aka Back to the Future day!

Brief synopsis:

A town in England is the only town were werewolves supposedly exist and an American guy goes there, gets bitten by a werewolf (or wolf still not clear on that part) and becomes a werewolf himself, only when the moon is full at night (again it may or may not be every night the movie was not 100% clear on that subject but yeah ok you get the point). 

The Wolfman is not scary, it is in the classic horror genre, but like Frankenstien (1931) is a little bit sad but  unlike House of Wax (1953) it is not that creepy. In other words Beetlejuice and Jumanji gave me more of a fright than this movie. I was sitting there with my bowl of popcorn waiting for the moment the eerie music was going to come to a stop with a frightening scene but nothing happened, I mean sure the werewolf killed a human but come-on! 

Overall it was a fun film, a classic in it’s classic monster movie genre and is way better than it’s reboot in 2010 which let me tell you is NOT GOOD also it is TERRIFYING and I do not reccomend it at all.  

I’d reccomend this for a fright night or a great Halloween film for 10+ year olds because they might get a fright but it’s not death defyingly scary just watch your back at night creepy(ish), which happened for only one night and then poof no fear. 

Also great to teach kids and teens a lesson about werewolves not being romantic, muscular guys and girls but can also be terrifying and deadly and it’s fun to watch anyone under the age of 18 react to a movie of this genre in this time and place where horror isn’t a genre to be tampered with if you’re squeamish (like me). 

Have a great Halloweek! 

– H


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