“Burnt” the movie: A review

Burnt should have been called “I am Gordon Ramsey, if Gordon Ramsey was Bradley Cooper that is” because that is what Bradley Cooper’s character essentially is! Minus the “Idiot sandwich” thing, which I made reference to during the movie. If you do not know what I mean by “idiot sandwich” this is the meme that spread:


Movie summary: 

Bradley Cooper is a chef who has two stars (whatever that means), he wants to earn his third star. He used to be a junkie (druggie) and now is clean and sober. So naturally he goes to his French friend in London because he got sick of working in Paris (????) to ask for financial support to open up his own restaurant. He works with this lady whom he hates (loves) and she hates him (loves him) and of course because this IS a movie about a chef nothing actually happens (aka they do not get married) but he has a really nice bonding moment with her daughter (that was my favourite part). He throws a bunch of plates from time to time, yells at everyone, makes them clean when he gets mad. Has to have his blood taken monthly by Emma Thompson to make sure he wasn’t slipping, which eventually he does, then he goes to his other French friend, that dude helps him and voila happy ending he no longer cares about the reviewers he just wants good things. This was basically a biopic about someone fictional. There are so many French people in this movie I would like to point out that Bradley Cooper’s character was Adam Jones, an American in London who works with French people.

IMDB says its a Comedy, Drama but to be honest some of the stuff Cooper says is funny, or just the way he says it is funny but there was a whole lot of Drama…way more than comedy.

Our movie theatre experience:

We came in as the only under 25’s in a mostly empty movie theatre with a bunch of older people sitting next to us. The second I saw them I just thought to myself “Danggit! Now I won’t be able to make fun of the movie”, which 20 minutes of commercials and half a bowl of popcorn later (when the movie started)  is what we started to do. Now when I say making fun I mean commenting, laughing and replying or saying something like “Oh come-on Coopster! You can’t just throw those plates everywhere! Money doesn’t grow on trees and you already got all that drug debt man!”. and then that turned into “I want to be a chef and throw plates…”. By the end of the movie S and I speed-walked out of there because I wanted to avoid anyone sitting next to or behind us. At least nobody shushed us LOOK IF YOU’RE GOING TO SHUSH SOMEONE GO WATCH IT ON DVD OR SOMETHING Movie theaters are about the experience and conversation NOT the movie itself!

Out of 5 I give this movie a 4/5 in the categories fake biopics, and chef-related movies (I have not seen Chef so I cannot compare this to that). But I did ask if this was the next No Reservations which I have also not seen but I mean the trailer says it all…This according to watchers of No Reservations is nothing like the movie Burnt.

But out of all movies this movie gets a 3/5 because it was insightful, realistic (think of Before we go kind of realism) and very fun to watch. I see the appeal in those cooking shows that aren’t about cooking but about the drama.

A word of warning: do not watch this movie prior to making a dish on the same day because you will temporarily become “Adam Jones” aka Bradley Cooper’s character when making said dish.

Have fun!

-S & H


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