Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Based on the book, the film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies resembles the storyline of Pride and Prejudice with Zombies.

Here is a rundown of the general main characters

  • Elizabeth Bennet and her family are zombie hunters/killers
  • Colonel Darcy also a zombie hunter (one of the best in the world)
  • Mr. Collins… need I say more… I can’t you have to watch the movie to understand him, let’s just call him a scaredy cat
  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh as THE best, almost legendary zombie hunter
  • Mr. Wickham as the big pile of poo (as usual)
  • Mr. Bingley as a sweet and oh so clueless (well no change there either) person


Zombies invade England, the English find spaces, build a bridge. Darcy comes to Elizabeth Bennet’s town, he hunts Zombies, goes to a dance, oogles her but not really, blah blah follows the story of the book Pride and Prejudice except for the fact that it revolves around zombies, zombie hunters and of course more zombies.

My reaction:

Well ok I flinched and totally and completely looked away in the beginning, which is either where the worst (as in gross) zombie bits are OR maybe I was just desensitized, not sure but either way zombies are not that bad after the first 15 minutes or so of the movie. Other than that I expected more from the movie (I didn’t read the book before because I thought that it was a joke but hey I was totally and completely wrong about that).

Changes I would have made to the movie:

1- I would have made Darcy a zombie and Elizabeth a zombie hunter so it was somewhat a forbidden love situation (COME ON THAT WOULD BE COOL!).

2- Re: number 1, that would also mean that their attitudes towards zombies have to change and that not all zombies would want brains, more like have those zombies and zombies who did not eat human brains… and that some zombies were well-respected… it’s complicated I know but that’s just my opinion.

Overall good movie, worth a watch, but don’t expect TOO much, expect the unexpected… and of course expect Pride and Prejudice… and ZOMBIES!

Have fun.

– H


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