Deadpool* described as Marvel on drugs by several newsagents (well one and they said on crack but I don’t remember who they are nor can I find the review so LEAVE ME ALONE OK!) and you know what? They’re not wrong. 

*NOTE: I watched this movie at a cinema that censored this SUPER DUPER R-rated movie. I would not watch it if it wasn’t censored. TWO A4 SHEETS OF PAPER (!!!) OF R-Rated stuff (from the IMDB parental guide, thanks IMDB parents y’all ROCK!) not including the violence or language stuff because ALL of that stuff was still there.

And to all of you “ugh I cannot believe it’s censored blah blah blah” well this review is not for you, it’s for the rest of us folks who have PG-13 as their maximum movie/TV show (TV-14 for shows) rating. 


Deadpool (Wade Wilson) was a hitman-turned-immortal anti hero(?) who basically chases down his enemy throughout the whole movie, with flashbacks to how he became the way he is (basically his origin story).


Aaaaand Back to the review-

My reaction:

Well let’s just say my eyes and ears were closed throughout large parts of the movie (15 minutes if not more but honestly I could still hear stuff)… I’m talking about the super violent stuff, I’m very squeamish. But other than the movie was pretty funny, Deadpool was quite the humourous character, seriously. I might not watch this movie again but if they cut the movie and only put the 30-45 minutes I liked on a DVD then perhaps I would watch it but other than that worth a watch…just not worth many watches (my friend disagrees with me on this point but everybody is different).

Watch it, don’t watch it up to you but just to let you know there is no after credits, or even after after credits scene in Deadpool so don’t bother waiting.

Have fun with whatever you do!

– H



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