“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” Review


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice should have been called Batman VS Superman: What a Tangled Web we Weave When we Cross Paths and Where did Wonder Woman Come From? 


THERE WAS NO PLOT! It was basically “Hey I’m Batman/Bruce Wayne, Alfred is THE best right hand man out there and this is my life” and “Hey I’m Superman/Clark Kent, I have an annoying girlfriend and this is my life” and then “Hey who’s this Wonder Woman person and where did she come from?”. The whole movie was basically a Catfight between Bruce and Superman, then Batman and Superman, but never Clark Kent Vs Bruce Wayne.

But the movie was SO GOOD!

My reaction:

– This is the best Batman since Michael Keaton so here’s my Batman ranking (1- Michael Keaton, 2- Ben Affleck) #TeamBatman. NO I DID NOT LIKE CHRISTIAN BALE’S BATMAN SO HE IS NOT ON MY LIST.

– I love Wonder Woman (great casting job) but I thought her Lasso was just for getting people to tell the truth… who knew it was well… Burn people or whatever it means when it glows.

– Bruce Wayne has a great view of a lake that has steam (is that what hot springs are?)

– Lois Lane is annoying, she causes trouble, almost dies, Superman saves her, repeat.

– Superman is well he’s uhhh let’s just say Superman is too overdone he needs a fresh start. Something different. He doesn’t seem to change/evolve and yet Batman or at least Bruce Wayne totally does.

– The Daily Planet editor is so funny when he said a criminal from Gotham? Well it’s like discovering that water is wet. (WHY WERE S AND I THE ONLY ONES WHO LAUGHED AT THIS?!)

– Journalists are annoying and I do not want a career in journalism, Exhibit A) Lois’ annoyingness Exhibit B) Clark Kent’s boss being annoying with the sports story SHEESH MAN HE’S GOT THINGS TO DO YOU KNOW (well of course he doesn’t know but yeah).

– Batman should’ve said “I’m Batman” instead of “I’m your son’s friend”



Overall I feel like this was a great movie, one of the best D.C. films to have come out in the past 10 years and I hope that this quality of film continues into the Justice League movies.

I give it a 4/5 for plot (like I said no plot) but a 5/5 for overall experience, I did not get bored once.

I highly recommend you watch this movie but be warned its 2 1/2 hours… get that big tub of popcorn. Also highly recommend watching this with a friend to comment on the movie with you because chances are you both will come up with better lines than the ones from the movie itself.



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