Change of Plans

Remember when I posted a list of books I was planning to review a couple of months ago?

Well that’s not going to happen. I didn’t read them because I didn’t feel like reading them.
I don’t get paid to review, or do anything else on this blog. I just really enjoy Marks&Spencer coffee ok!

Honestly I just do these reviews for  fun ^_^

Here are the following books I will review soon and their reading status (read, not read, etc).

Title: The Martian
 Andy Weir
Year Published: 2011

Reading Status: Read

Title: This is a Book
Demetri Martin
Year Published: 2011

Reading Status: Read

Title: Dot Con
James Veitch
Year Published: 2015

Reading Status: Read

Title: The Spellman Files: Document 1 (Book 1/6)
Lisa Lutz
Year Published: 2007

Reading Status: Read

Title: Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal (Graphic novels are books!)
Written By
: G. Willow Wilson
Illustrated By: 
Adrian Alphona
Year Published: 2014

Reading Status: Currently Reading

Title: The End of All Things
John Scalzi
Year Published: 2015

Reading Status: Currently Reading

These are the future reviews to come… and there may be other ones that are not on this list as well because:
A) They deserve recognition
B) They deserve a review whether that may be good or bad, in other words reason B is basically either a warning to stay away OR a plea to read/watch it.
C) They aren’t books, they are films or TV series box sets or ones that have ended which deserve their own review sections.

– H


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