“The Martian” Book Review 

Hello people of the internet! (Sorry for the post delay.)

The Martian is no longer just a book, it is a movie too. However I am probably one of the few people who have not seen the movie fully. I missed the last hour so I decided to read it before I watched the end of the movie.

The Plot:

A man get’s left on Mars by his crew members during a storm because they thought that he died. He survives. But how? Well you’ll have to read the dang book (or watch the movie but really the book is much better!) to find out.

What I thought of it:

Many people enjoyed this book and the movie and many people did not. I give this book 4/5 stars in general for the writing and character development, for it basically being an actually good book but 5 stars for reading enjoyment, the extra star is because it was a book I couldn’t put down and finished in less than 3 days, for me that means I really enjoyed it.

It was funny, poignant and most of all not as thrilling as you might assume. Of course there were those moments but the book is more “comedy” than “thriller”.

However it was missing one thing for me. I got to the end of the book and thought “wait, if he kept using other people’s entertainment, what did he bring?!)

So it basically gets 9/10 stars.

– H



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