SuperBob? More like Super-normal Bob.

SuperBob, (what’s that?) you ask? Well it’s a British film from Signature Entertainment starring Brett Goldstien, Catherine Tate and Natalia Tena. (This film is based on a short film also called SuperBob)

Spoilers: Warning there will be spoilers beyond this point. If you have not seen the film and intend on watching it then go watch it before coming here.

If you do not intend on watching it or do not care about spoilers then go right ahead.


Plot: Robert Kenner is an ordinary guy who gains super powers through a freak meteor storm. He is also the world’s only super hero. Almost the whole movie  is basically in the span of one day, his only day off and is basically a mocumentary that documents his totally normal life.

Running time: 1 hour and 23 minutes

What did I think about it?

I thought it was great because it was very calm, chill and friendly. Also the fact that Bob totally doesn’t try showing off his powers at every point in the day (I’m talking to you other superheroes in comics and films and such) also this may be due to the fact that it’s his day off.

This guy is so unbelievably normal, like beyond that the fact that he doesn’t know how to tie his own shoelaces worries me but I mean other than that and his super powers (strength, flight, invincibility) he’s completely normal.

I think that the fact the film focuses on a minimum number of characters is it’s charm. It doesn’t allow for a lot of different plots that interconnect. In other words DO NOT I repeat DO NOT compare this to The Avengers and all that jazz because this is COMPLETELY different! Again, the calm, normal, non-showoffness feeling of this film is it’s charm. It’s a comedy but not HAHA or Laugh-out-loud comedy, it’s more understated than that, and it’s humour is very light and easy.

Age Rating: It says 15+ to translate that to American based on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) this movie would get an R-rating purely based on the fact that it’s got profanity/curse words frequently throughout the film (The MPAA states that 3 or more f-words = an R-rating), there isn’t anything else that qualifies the R-rating though so yeah it’s not bad in terms of anything other than language.

Rating out of 5 stars:

For Fans of: The Office (UK and US),  Arrested Development, and Twenty Twelve.

Watch it if you want a change from the ordinary superhero films, if you’re not a big fan of the ordinary Marvel or DC films or just watch it because it’s great.

– H


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