“Sleeping Giants” Book Review

Before I go on to the review I wanted to show you the cover of the hardback edition.

And when you remove the dust cover…

inside cover 2

inside cover 1

That’s how it looks… Isn’t it cool!

And now for the review…

The Plot:

A girl falls into a hole, more specifically a big metal hand and she becomes a scientist when she grows up and researches the metal hand her younger self fell into. What is the hand? How does this affect what people know about ancient civilizations and technology? …Read it and find out!

What I thought of it:

To start off I would like to say that this book started off a bit slow, but don’t mind that, read on because you’re on for an unexpected ride through crazy town because that’s what this book is Crazy town but in a good way.

When I read the blurb or “about the book” I thought “Oh my gosh! I must read this book! Will there be aliens? Robots? ANCIENT ROBOTS?!?!” but it was a little weird because nobody straight out says anything in this book you have to read through it and figure it out on your own.

The book’s setup isn’t in regular chapter form. It is in 5 parts with an epilogue at the end and within those parts it is in chapters but each chapter is an interview, an article, a report or a journal entry. So basically you read through a bunch of interviews and such to find out what’s going on.

I thought it was cool, especially from around the middle, when the main interviewer starts to show some weakness or confusion or less confidence I started to enjoy it because it’s not as procedural as it was.

It was also quite fun, humourous at times, dramatic at times, scary/shocking at times. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an easy and quick read but still wants a bit of a thrill. Reading this book feels like you’re watching an episode of Bones but much less procedural and more talk-talk.

Is it a Summer Beach Read? No

Is it a book you should read in summer? Yes

Hardcover or Paperback? Are you kidding me? HARDBACK!

Stay Tuned for other Book, Coffee and Film reviews.

Happy Reading!

Oh and also I forgot to mention that the sequel “Waking Gods” will be out April 2017.

– H


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