“Ms. Marvel Vol. 1” Review

Hello this is review 2 because I forgot to post one yesterday SOOOO here it is.

I only started getting into graphic novels recently but I thought hey why not post a review of it for diversity and what not. Also it was quite good so I wanted to get it out there that I really enjoyed Ms. Marvel: No Normal which is Volume 1 of the Ms. Marvel comic books or graphic novels (whichever one you prefer to call it). I also really enjoyed the iZombie comics but that’s for another post today will just be The Spellman files which if you click will direct you to my book review and now for this review…

The Plot:

A girl named Kamala who idolizes Captain Marvel gains superpowers and is now a superhero. What will she do next I wonder? (seriously it’s a comic book/graphic novel just read it if you’re curious!).

What I thought of it:

It’s great because finally we get a female superhero who is quite different from the regular superheroes and also smacks diversity in other heroes’ face (and the comic companies who have created them) because let’s be honest comics need comic diversity it can’t all just be 20-40 year old men who just happen to be blonde, rich or from another planet (I’m looking at you Superman and Thor). This is VERY DIFFERENT to Spiderman but has the same kind of something gave them their powers as appose to them being born with it or rich and created it like Iron Man and his suit or that guy with wings in Captain America FALCON is his name Falcon (sorry I had to Google that).

It’s a genuinely sweet comic with characters that you get attached to because they seem more real than some of the others which have been more exaggerated in other words SHE HAS FLAWS and that’s a good thing because nobody’s perfect and we wouldn’t want to keep thinking that would we.

Read it if you want something different, something nice and something cool.

I got the other volumes but I think I’ll only review this volume of this particular comic because it can get a bit repetitive can’t it.

Keep an eye out for another book review next week! Tuesday to be more specifically.




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