“The Spellman Files” Book Review

Hello people or should I say random person who occasionally stumbles upon this post,

I recently read The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz because I wanted a to read something funny and someone recommended this book to me. And now for the review…

The Plot:

Isabel Spellman is a private investigator (P.I.) and so are her parents and entire family because it’s a family business you’re born into it. Anyways she wants to get out of the P.I. business but has to solve one more case, it’ll take her on a topsy turvy up and down spiral but hey that’s the Spellmans for you. Not going to get into any more of it just read it and you’ll find out more of what it’s about.

What I thought of it:

It’s brilliant! I say brilliant but what I mean is it’s clever and very funny especially when Daniel is involved (AND THAT IS ALL I’M GOING TO SAY ABOUT IT!). It’s got a bit of romance (but not in the way that you’d think, it’s subtle and not damsel in distress-ey and nothing explicit happens so don’t worry!). It’s also got a lot of humour and heart in addition to the mystery but it’s not really a mystery its a Comedy-Drama with an underlining mystery plot line.

It was also very unexpected because the ending was like “whaaaaaa…?!”. It got frustrating at times because the characters kept doing things I didn’t expect or want and I kept going “COME ON JUST UGH!!”. I didn’t tear up whilst reading this but I did laugh out loud quite a bit so read this when you’re having a bad day or just when you need a laugh bear in mind it only got laugh out loud funny for me about 100 or 140 pages in.

But hey we laugh at different things so maybe you’ll find the first 100 pages funnier than I did…who knows and if you do read it don’t hesitate to comment or tweet me about what you think about this book because I’d love to talk about it some more once you’ve read it that is.

And finally I would whole-heartedly recommend this book as a beach read. It’s light, funny and easy to read and goes great with a smoothie as it does a cup of coffee, bear in mind though I craved coffee reading this so go with that and if it doesn’t work out try a smoothie.

Also I did get the other two books in the series (out of 6 I think) and I’m looking forward to reviewing those too.



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