“Dot Con” Book Review

Ok so this book isn’t a novel, or short stories or even poetry it is a collection of spam emails in which British comedian James Veitch replies to spam emails that were sent to him. He had a Ted Talk on it and Mashable created a YouTube series based on it (only 4 episodes, here’s episode 1), so check those out and if you like them then you’ll like this.


Also warning this review will be extremely short.

What I thought of it:

Well no doubt I thought it was hilarious I mean really. Some were a bit off but I loved the fact he was consistent with his whole hummus idea…yeah.

My favourite one was the one with the gold…but seriously do these people commit or what like seriously WHY! Also read this if you want a bit of a laugh. I’ve made people who don’t laugh watch AND read this and they laughed so yeah. But like I said…watch it, if you enjoy his humour then read this. If not then MOVE ALONG.

Alrighty then…See you at the next review!

– H



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