“Finding Dory” aka “Finding Nemo” 2 Film Review

Hello again, so this past weekend I watched Finding Dory with my friends and I know what you’re thinking “ZOMG WASN’T IT THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!! SO ADORBS RIGHT?!”…Yes so adorbs but also no it was NOT the most amazing thing I watched…in other words there were parts of it that I liked and other parts…not so much. In other words I liked Finding Nemo better…and this legitimately could’ve been one big movie paired with Finding Nemo…As a stand-alone thing? It went from “ZOMG ADORBS” to “Adorable buuuut trying to hit a little too hard on the nostalgia which doesn’t necessarily work”. Also I feel like They made this more for the people who watched and loved Finding Nemo aka probably people who are older now than the intended audience of Finding Nemo.


Like Finding Nemo except Dory tries to find her parents (so why wasn’t it called finding *insert Dory’s parents’ names here* or just Finding Nemo 2?). That’s basically it. The whole hour and 47 minutes was “OMG I REMEMBER MY PARENTS! WHERE ARE THEY?”.

What I thought about it:

First look up there if you didn’t already get a glimpse what I thought about it. Seriously. Also I felt that they really needed to put more in it. It was too simplistic for a Pixar film. I mean really Pixar step up your game! I love you’re films…come on!

It made me feel sad, happy, whatever this emotion is–> -_- and of course angry because why not.

I felt like some parts kindof needed to be changed…and I don’t want to spoil it for you just in case you haven’t seen it because you need to watch it I mean really at least once. And then when you’ve watched it and want my opinion or to just talk about it tweet me or just post a comment and we’ll talk…if not then just don’t 😀

I didn’t hate this film, I just felt like it didn’t live up to it’s full potential. It was OK not amazing just ok.

Watch it please.

Ok…See you all next Tuesday!

– H


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