To contact either H or S please visit our twitters or use the comment section.

Twitter info:

H is lurking in the comments so please contact me there 🙂

S is @Sarasj_

If you don’t have a twitter please just contact us via the comment section on one of our posts and one or both of us will reply to you via the comment section (Unless it’s a stupid question like “Why are you so dumb?” to which we will click “delete” because A) we don’t have time for your stupid questions and B) nobody wants to listen to our rant on internet trolls.)

Comment Section info:

To those not aware we moderate all incoming comments so please if you have nothing to say we will not allow it to be seen by others because as said in the previous paragraph

This concerns both Twitter and the Comment section.

A) nobody NOBODY has time for your stupid comments or questions other than maybe you, and/or the person you associate with.

B) If you have nothing nice, and/or useful to ask/say DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

That is all, thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


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